We are so glad that you found our site! We are a family of 5 that has fallen in love with Walt Disney World. Back in 2010 we spent months carefully planning and saving for our first family trip to Disney World. We went with the mindset that many people do that this might be our only trip to Disney. But from the moment we drove onto Disney property, we were entranced by the magic and wonder of Disney. On our drive home, we called to book our return trip for the following year.

We love planning for Disney trips and finding ways to incorporate our love of Disney into our daily lives. That is why we created A Dollop of Disney. We know that there is a lot that goes into planning a trip and that it can be overwhelming. But we also know that with the right balance of knowledge, planning, and spontaneity, anyone can have a magical trip to Walt Disney World. And, we also know that once you fall in love with Disney, you want more of it even when you're at home. 

What you can find on our site:

More about us: You can learn more about our family and our crazy love for Disney by following along with us. And, don't be afraid to check out our About Page, leave a comment, or send us any questions that you have. 

Disney World Planning Tips and Tricks: We spend a ridiculous amount of time following along with what's happening at Disney. We are more than happy to share the tips and tricks that we have discovered so you can plan the perfect Disney vacation. Check out our Disney World planning page.

How to enjoy Disney from home: Once you fall in love with Disney, you'll want to add little bits of Disney into your everyday life. We will share with you how we do that and ideas on how you can too. We'll even share the details of our "Disney Nights" including recipes, crafts, and more so you can recreate it at your house. We love doing these leading up to our Disney vacations. Check out our Disney at Home page.