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Disney World is the most magical place on earth! So, I think we should learn some stuff about Disney World on its opening day.

Walt Disney World opened on October 1st, 1971. Back then, the only park Disney World featured was the Magic Kingdom. But, there were three resorts, which are all still there today including, Disney’s Contemporary Resort, Disney’s Polynesian Resort, and Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort and Campground. The first guest ever at Walt Disney World was William Windsor Jr. Some opening day rides are still there, and some are gone from the Magic Kingdom forever.

The day Walt Disney World opened, the cost of an adult ticket was three dollars and fifty cents. The price has definitely gone up since then, but Disney World has become bigger and better since then also. It’s sad that the real Walt Disney himself never got to see the opening of Walt Disney World, but luckily, his brother Roy Disney did.

Fun Facts about opening day

One thing I really love to research about Disney World is fun facts. And I have some great fun facts about Disney World opening day for you! One is, on the opening day of Disney World Contemporary Resort was originally supposed to be called, Tempo Bay Hotel. Another great fun fact is, the opening day crowd of Walt Disney World was approximately 10,000 guests. On opening day, the place you probably wanted to go with your kids was to Fantasyland, which had the most attractions.

Walt Disney had to have felt great that all of his dreams came true when Disneyland opened. But, the sad thing is Walt didn’t live to see the grand opening of Disney World. He died on December 15th, 1966. The construction on Walt Disney World began in 1967, the year after Walt himself passed away. On the bright side, Walt got to live to see the great accomplishments at Disneyland. One thing Roy changed about Disney World was the name. It was originally just supposed to be Disney World, but Roy changed it to Walt Disney World for his dear brother Walt.

Walt Disney World will always be in memory of Walt Disney, just like it was on opening day. “I only hope that we never lose sight of one thing- that it all started with a mouse.”- Walt Disney.


    • I’ve been to Disney World seven times, and we are going again later this year. I saw that you have a Disney bag on your site, and my parents and I might look for a backpack option this year. We’ve always taken a stroller for my little sister and our stuff, and we don’t need the stroller anymore. How many times have you been?

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