Shanghai Disneyland Is Reopening!

Recently, Disney Parks officials have released a lot of new information about the parks around the world. And the good news is, Disney is reopening again! Slowly…

Reopening News

On Tuesday, May 5th, Bob Chapek, the Chief Executive Officer of Disney, announced that Shanghai Disneyland would be reopening to the public on May 11th. Tickets for the reopening day went on sale Friday morning, and they sold out in just minutes! This was great news for every Disney fan since it gives a little hope to everyone. Although, the park won’t be exactly like it was before the pandemic since a lot of rather drastic measures have had to be taken.

Shanghai Disneyland Pre Pandemic
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There are a lot of new rules that guests will have to follow while visiting Shanghai Disneyland. If I’m being 100% honest, some of these things take away from the experience, but at least Disney is reopening. Anyways, some of the new safety precautions Shanghai Disneyland will be taking is making people wear masks, and taking temperature checks. The mask-wearing includes cast members and guests, but not the characters, although characters will not come in close contact with guests. There will also be added sanitation measures and extra handwashing stations around the park.

Another thing that could really change the Disney experience is the possibility of virtual queues. Since park guests will have to maintain a safe distance from each other for the near future, virtual queues are a very likely possibility. And if there are some rides without virtual queues, the wait times will be pretty long since each party has to stay 6 feet away from others. Also, cast members will probably have to sanitize each ride vehicle after a group gets off of it, which will add to the long waits.

I’m very anxious waiting for May 11th to come, because I can’t wait to see what the experience in Shanghai Disneyland is like for all the guests! I hope Shanghai Disneyland opening is a strong start to all of the Disney parks reopening!

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