Great Last Minute Gift Ideas for the Disney Fanatic in Your Life

Christmas is right around the corner, and if you are like me you still have some shopping to do. This can be a stressful feeling with Christmas just over a week away, but fear not if you are looking to buy the perfect present for the Disney fan in your life. Disney fans might be some of the easiest people to buy presents. for. Their is a huge industry of Disney merchandise that people like me can’t wait to have.

Disney gifts do not need to be fancy or expensive. They just need to remind the Disney fan of their favorite vacations and characters. For some people it is seeing the characters. For others it is seeing the locations.  Whatever it is that makes your Disney fan happy, I can almost guarantee (like 99% sure) that they love having Disney items that they can use in their everyday life.

Top Disney Gift Ideas

Disney Calendars

I love a good calendar! My favorites are ones that I make on sites like Snapfish or Shutterfly that include pictures of my family’s last trip to Disney, but any calendar that reminds me of Disney will make me smile. If you want to brighten each day of your Disney fanatic’s life then get them a 2017 Disney Calendar. There are tons of inexpensive options.


Disney Games

This is one of my favorites. Our family has a few Disney themed games that we have gotten the girls for Christmas presents over the years. They make for a great way to enjoy a Disney themed family fun night together. It could be playing a board game or singing Disney songs on the Wii. Pictopia’s Disney Edition and Eye Found It! are two of my favorites because my kids are able to easily play it with us.

Any Practical Item That is Disney Themed

This idea will work the best if you know the person that you are buying for a little bit and what they like. As a Disney fan, I can tell you that I thoroughly enjoy anytime I have an item I can use in my daily life that reminds me of my Disney vacations. I have a Mickey tea kettle and cookie jar, Mickey and Minnie salt and pepper shakers, Mickey pens, Minnie sticky notes, Disney themed sugar canister and Mickey Mouse dinner plates. That might make me sound a little crazy to some of you, but others will understand. If you have a real Disney fan in your life, they will appreciate gifts like this that they can use on a daily basis. Disney World themed cook books are a great option because it allows them to have a little taste of Disney at home.

Disney Gift Card

Since gift cards can be used on Disney vacations or at the Disney Store (even online) they are a great solution for that hard to buy for Disney fanatic in your life. Sometimes it is just easier to show you understand their love for Disney by allowing them to choose their own gift. All hardcore Disney fans always have at least a few items that they would buy if they had a gift card to do so.

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