How to Enjoy a Last Minute Disney World Spring Break

You would not believe the number of people I know that are planning last minute trips to Walt Disney World for spring break. I’m sure you can guess that spring break is one of the busiest times for Walt Disney World, however, that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy it,. It just means that you need to do a little extra work beforehand. If you planned your trip months ago you are one of the lucky ones. However, if you just recently decided to do a Disney World spring break, read on.


Understanding what a FastPass+ is and how to use it is key to enjoying your trip during crowded times at Disney. If you haven’t been to Disney in several years there is a good chance the process has changed.  With your ticket you receive 3 FREE FastPasses for the day at the park. That’s right… they are FREE! So, if you don’t use them you are completely wasting them.

FastPass+ is a “ticket” that allows you to enter a ride through a special line instead of waiting in the standby line. This means your wait time is incredibly reduced. This can be the difference between waiting 90 minutes to go on Seven Dwarf Mine Train and waiting 10 minutes. Not every ride is included, but many of them are. There are also FastPasses available  for character meet and greets, shows, parades, and fireworks.

If you are staying at a Disney resort you can choose your FastPasses 60 days before your arrival date. If you are not staying at a Disney resort you can make your selections 30 days in advance (if you have purchased your tickets). Simply create an account at My Disney Experience to make your selections. You can use the app on your device, which I highly recommend.

Once you have used your first 3 FastPasses you are able to add more one at a time from a Kiosk in the park or on the app.


When the park is crowded it is that much more important to carefully plan your meals and snacks. If you want to eat at a sit down restaurant you will want to make your reservations as soon as you can. This is at 180 days, or 180+ if you are staying at a Disney resort. Do not try to show up for your Disney World spring break without a plan and ruin your trip by waiting hours to eat at each location.

Tonys at Magic Kingdom

If you plan on hitting quick service restaurants throughout the park I recommend choosing which ones you want to eat at before you go. That way you won’t be trying to decide as everyone is growing increasingly hungry and angry. If you can, eat at the off times. Trying to hit a quick service line at noon for lunch is going to mean long waits. However, do not try to wait a lot longer than when you are normally use to eating unless you have smart snacks planned out. In my personal experience, once people get too hungry they start to feel sick and then it’s hard to get going again once you do eat.

Be smart and plan before you arrive at the parks. Bring water and snacks into the park with you to help make it through the day (and save money).

Don’t Try to Do it All

It is impossible to see all that a Disney park has to offer in a day. Do not go into the day thinking you are going to see everything you want to at Magic Kingdom or Epcot. Talk to the people you are traveling with and find out what everyone’s “must do” items are. It could be a ride, show, parade, food to try, or seeing the fireworks. Then, carefully plan to ensure that each person gets to do their top must do thing for the day. This will help you prioritize where to spend your time during the day. And, it will let everyone leave for the day feeling like they got to do what they wanted.

With this point, think through how you will move through the park during the day. Many of the suggested itineraries that you can find online will have you running back and forth across the park. While this might be the way to get on the most amount of rides, it is often not the best way to enjoy the park. Try your best to work through one “land” at a time.

Start Early and Rest Midday

Let your kids play on a playground at your Disney Resort
Let your kids play on a playground at your Disney Resort

Get to the park before it opens for your Disney World Spring Break. You would be amazed at how much you can accomplish at Magic Kingdom in the first 90 minutes if you are there to see the park opening. Beat people into the park in the morning to enjoy the park when it is less crowded and not as hot. Then, take a break midday. This is easiest if you are staying at a Disney resort and can hop on the bus or monorail back to your resort. But, even if you aren’t find a way to rest. Plan on sitting to watch a show after lunch. Or, pick a spot to sit and take in the scenery and environment while you have a snack. Do not try to “go, go, go” the whole time.

Take the Time to Enjoy

Do not treat your time at Disney World like a race. You will regret it and so will your family members. Take the time to look around. The Disney parks have so many incredible details located throughout and the theming is AMAZING! Take time to sit and watch. Enjoy the small things that many people overlook. Try to pull the sword out of the stone at Magic Kingdom. Take a trip to Tom Sawyer Island. Look at the buildings located in each country of World Showcase. Disney World is not your normal theme park and it shouldn’t be treated like one.

Magic Kingdom - Tom Sawyer Isalnd
Taking our time at Tom Sawyer Island

When you pay a lot of money for a Disney World spring break it can be tempting to try to do and see everything you can. However, you and your family will have a better time and create more magical memories when you relax and allow yourself to enjoy what you are doing. It is better to miss seeing and doing things at the park then to see it all while everyone is tired,  hungry, and mad.

What questions or tips do you have about planning a last minute Disney World spring break trip?

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