Our Favorite Epcot Rides and Attractions

epcot-252810_1920Epcot is a Magical place that you can help you visit other countries and even space without leaving Orlando! Over our years of planning vacations and talking with other people, this is one park that many families think they can skip if they have young children. They don’t think there is a lot for kids to do at Epcot. And, we have to admit – that’s what we thought too… at first.

But, we were wrong! The more we visit Epcot the more we find that we love about it, and the girls feel the same way. From the rides to discovering the countries and trying new foods, Epcot is always an adventure! We become detectives to help Agent P and meet people from around the world at the Kidcot stops. There are characters to meet and attractions to visit. It truly holds the Disney magic.

This is a park that has grown on us and has had more to offer and for us discover at every visit. You can learn the customs of other countries or simply enjoy a romantic restaurant with your spouse. Epcot has something for everyone. And, while this park is known for a lot more than just the rides, there are some good ones at the park.

Our favorite Epcot Rides

Here is a list of each of our favorite rides written by each of us individually.

Dustin – My favorite ride at Epcot is Soarin’. While you are never higher than 40’ from the floor this is a truly “Disney” ride that transports you to another place. You truly feel as if you are truly flying over majestic landscapes and historic manmade creations. You feel like you are actually flying and this is a ride that most ages enjoy. To ride the minimum height is 40”. Our three daughters have all enjoyed this ride from a young age and I want to get back on this ride as soon as I get off it. This is definitely worth using a “Fastpass” for as the lines are long for this popular attraction!

Stephanie – This might be cheating, but I can’t pick just one! The Seas with Nemo & Friends is always special to me because this was our very first ride at Walt Disney World as a family. We were a family of 4 at that time and the girls were 4 and 1 years old. We were thrilled to be on the ride and we all fit in the clam shell together. Now, my favorite is probably Test Track. I love that while you wait in the queue you get to design a car and then you get scores on it throughout the ride. If your family likes competition this is a great ride. And, the end just makes me smile and laugh as we fly around the track.

Kailyn – Frozen Ever After. I like this ride because it is fun and it has history to it (Malestrom) which makes it fun to research! Malestrom was an exciting ride that used to be on the exact track that Frozen Ever After is now.

Morgan – The Three Caballeros – Donald is very funny

Macy – Soarin’ I remember that there was something that splashed out of the water. It was silly and exciting.

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