Check out this Disney Gingerbread House Kit

Today was our first day of Christmas break and we decided to kick it off by making a Disney gingerbread house. If you’ve ever been to Disney World during the Christmas season you probably know something about the amazing gingerbread houses that they build. We got to see the Gingerbread House at Contemporary back in 2012 while meeting Chip and Dale. We also bought a gingerbread shingle to take back home to eat while we reminisced about our vacation.  Since we couldn’t be at Disney this year, we decided to make our own.

To be honest we stumbled upon the idea. We were walking through Big Lots browsing for a couple things (like pop, Kleenex, and frozen pizza) when this Disney gingerbread kit jumped out at us. The girls wanted to do it so much they split the price and bought it on their own.

gingerbread kit Disney

Making the Disney gingerbread house kit

As you can imagine there was a little debate about what the house was going to look like, as there always is when you involve siblings. We finally decided to try to make it just like the house on the box so there would be no argument as to how the candies were going to be used. That satisfied all 3 of the girls. I highly recommend going this route or buying each their own Disney gingerbread house kit to work with.

After reminding everyone it probably wasn’t going to come out exactly like the picture we got started. It was incredibly simple to make. The directions are very specific about how to get the house put together and how long to wait before starting to decorate. After that, the girls went to work and it came out awesome! If you are the creative type try to make it from scratch. If not, this is a great kit if you want to incorporate Disney into your Christmas activities.







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