Disney Resort Christmas Decorations

Christmas Decorations at Disney World Resorts

There are few things I enjoy more than just exploring the resorts at Walt Disney World. I love to spend time at the resort that we are staying in for each particular vacation and learn the ins and outs of the resort. See the different areas during the night and during the day. It is crazy how different things can look when you enjoy them at different times of the day. While I love to enjoy the resorts at any time of the year, during the Christmas season each resort decorates differently and it is fun to explore each resort to enjoy the decorations.

While I enjoy each resort’s decorations, I can’t wait to get to Port Orleans French Quarter each year. The decorations are so bright and fun. It just puts me in the Christmas spirit and makes me smile. We usually stay at Port Orleans Riverside now that we are a family of 5 and we truly enjoy the decorations there as well. Walking into that huge lobby with the decorations just gives you a great feeling. You can immediately see into the gift shop when you walk into the lobby and you see the Christmas items for sale through the opening.

Although not a Disney Resort, we also enjoy the decorations at Disney Springs when we are exploring the resort decorations. We love to take the boat from Port Orleans Riverside or French Quarter down to Disney Springs, that way we also see some decorations along the water on the way to Disney Springs. While I have just mentioned the Port Orleans resorts, all of the resorts do a great job of decorating. We have spent time during the Christmas season at many of the resorts, but we look forward to seeing all the rest as well as visiting our favorites again and again!

Merry Christmas!

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