Sunday Funday – Star Wars: The Last Jedi family review

The Last Jedi

I know we are behind a lot of people in that we just saw Star Wars: The Last Jedi today, but it was worth the wait. If you have been following online reviews you have seen that the professionals have rated The Last Jedi very highly, but the audience scores have been split. With that in mind our family of 5 is giving our own “unprofessional” review below.

We rated the movie on a score from 1 to 5 and left a brief review. What did you think of the movie? We love feedback.

Dustin –4 – Loved the movie overall, but there were some things that were questionable. No spoilers, but really looking forward to the next Star Wars!

Stephanie –4 – I thought the movie was off to a rough start. The humor seemed too much for a Star Wars movie. About 30 minutes into the movie though it all straightened out. After that, I really liked the movie, but do think The Force Awakens was better.

Kailyn –5 – It was better than Star Wars: The Force Awakens!

Morgan –5 – This was my favorite Star Wars! Rey is awesome!

Macy –5 – It was my favorite too! (disclaimer, Macy is 6 and this is the 1st one she has kept awake for entire movie, lol)

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