5 Rides I Have to Ride on my Next DisneyWorld Trip

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Space Mountain

When my family and I go on a trip to Walt Disney World, we try to go to all four parks: Magic Kingdom, EPCOT, Animal Kingdom, and Hollywood Studios. With that in mind I wanted to list the 5 rides I have to make sure I get to ride on our next trip in November. While we will attend all four parks, it doesn’t mean that my top 5 rides to ride are spread out at each park.

5 Rides I have to Ride


1. Space Mountain-

Space Mountain is a classic ride to so many people and I fall into that crowd. There is not a time that I ride Space Mountain without a smile and I always come off it feeling better than before I got on the ride. This dark roller coaster will always be a classic and I encourage you to ride it on your next visit as well.

2. Big Thunder Mountain Railroad-

What a fun ride for all ages. This ride is meant to have some thrills, but also lets you enjoy the fun landscape the ride is decorated with. Although this ride is always fun, I encourage you to try it at night where you can see the lights on the castle at the top of the hills!

3. Soarin-

I will never get tired of the classic at EPCOT. My entire family absolutely loves this ride. You truly feel like you are flying or “Soarin” above the landscape.

4. Expedition Everest-

From the time you enter the queue, until you exit this ride, you will feel like you are on an adventure in Nepal. The storyline for this ride is one of the best at Disney World. This ride is so much fun, but is a little faster and higher than some other Disney rides, so if roller coasters scare you, you might just want to go through the queue.

5. Pirates of the Caribbean-

I can never get enough of this ride, or the queue. We love that our entire family of five can get in the same boat and enjoy this ride together. This ride has some thrills, a story, and lets you feel like you are in a Pirate story.


I love these rides, but there are so many rides, attractions, restaurants, and experiences at Walt Disney World that I absolutely love that each day my top 5 rides could be different. A few rides that also will appear in the five that I must ride are Splash Mountain, Kali River Rapids, Test Track, and Peter Pan among many others. The point is that there are unlimited things to do on your Walt Disney World trip and I hope you get to truly enjoy Disney World like we do!

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