Disney For Kids- Disney World’s Port Orleans French Quarter

Most hotels anywhere are not awesome, at least in my opinion. They all have at least one or two flaws. Except, for Walt Disney World hotels. Especially, my personal favorite… Port Orleans French Quarter.

French Quarter is my FAVORITE Disney World resort that I’ve been to. One reason it is the best hotel at Disney World is because, of the rooms. The hotel rooms are astounding! My dad is so very picky about hotel rooms, and if they are clean or not, but whenever we go to Disney World…the rooms always sparkle. I also, LOVE the room design. They are so pretty! I have never stayed in a princess themed room at this resort (or any resort), but someday, I hope to.

Another reason French Quarter is the best resort at Disney is because of the food. I love the food at Disney in general, but at this resort, the food really shines. I think their beignets are simply perfection. When we stay at French Quarter we make sure we get beignets every time. I also really like the food at Sassagoula Floatworks and Food Factory. That is the food court. The food court also really brings the New Orleans feel! Anyways, most of the time we are at Disney world, we eat a Pop-Tart at the bus stop for breakfast. But, once in a while, we will eat breakfast at the food court with all of that scrumptious food! I really enjoy those days!

The last thing I’ll mention about why I love this resort is the resort in general. For one example, the people. The cast members are SO nice! When they check you in and say, “Welcome home!” One time, we stayed at French Quarter, and there was a sign on our hotel room window that read, “Welcome home Kirby family!” Oh, I love Disney. Another example I have about the resort in general are the pools. I LOVE swimming anywhere, but especially at Disney World. The lifeguards are very nice, and they even host games and dance parties! It’s a lot of fun! The pool also gives you a New Orleans feeling. And, there is a big pool and a pool for the smallerĀ kids! My last example of why it’s the best resort in general is the resort… in general! Just walking around the resort gives me the chills, and makes me feel oh so happy! I love how all of the streets have a fun name, and how you actually feel like you are walking in New Orleans!

Disney Magic

Those are my reasons about why Port Orleans French Quarter is the best resort!

“If you can dream it, you can do it.” -Walt Disney

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