Morgan’s 5 Favorite Things about Disney World

1. Characters

I love the characters at Disney. One of my favorite characters is Mickey mouse I like him because he is very kind to everyone.

2. Rides

I also love the rides too. I love Splash Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad and The Little Mermaid and The Seven Dwarfs Minetrain too last but not least Soarin.

3. Parks

Magic Kingdom is my favorite park. My second would have to be between Hollywood Studios and Epcot. But Animal Kingdom is still good too. But the point is they are all very fun!

4. Walt Disney

I love how Walt Disney never gave up. He always kept trying and he was kind, creative, smart too.

5. The Hotels

Last I love the hotels Riverside would have to be my favorite. I can not wait to go to Disney World in Orlando Florida again. it will be so fun.

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