Regal Eagle Smokehouse Review!

Back in February of this year, a new restaurant opened in Disney World’s EPCOT’s The American Adventure pavilion, called Regal Eagle Smokehouse. A few days after the opening, my family went to EPCOT, and without even realizing how new it was, we ate at Regal Eagle for dinner. And even if no one can eat there right now, today I’m going to give you my review of Regal Eagle Smokehouse so when we can get back into the parks, you’ll know if this is a good restaurant for your family or not!

Regal Eagle Smokehouse
Photo Credit: Theme Park Insider


We ate at the Regal Eagle Smokehouse on accident… it was a VERY cold day in Florida when we visited EPCOT, and we wanted a nice, warm place to eat dinner. So, my family rushed into Regal Eagle without even knowing where we were going. My sisters and I quickly found a table as our parents ran to order food, and I noticed how cozy the restaurant felt. The whole place feels very patriotic and just feels like a nice addition to The American Adventure pavilion. The most noticeable decorations are the American flag banners hanging from the ceiling. However, as I was taking in the feel of the Regal Eagle, I had no idea that the restaurant was actually Muppets themed! (And named after Sam Eagle the Muppet.)

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I am not a Muppets fan, so maybe if you are, this theme will be more obvious to you. But I didn’t notice it at all, until a few days after we ate there when I saw it online. Turns out, there are some Muppets pictures on the wall, but if you were closer to the door where we were, you might not even notice them. Anyways, most of the seating is on picnic table like benches, and it’s not the most comfortable. Although, I think the seating does look nice with the theme of the room.


Of course, when you go to any restaurant, the food is normally the biggest part. And if you’re looking for some good old American BBQ in the midst of EPCOT’s World Showcase, The Regal Eagle Smokehouse is the PERFECT place! The food at Regal Eagle is absolutely DELICIOUS, and this is coming from a vegetarian! (We’ll get into that later.)

The menu at Regal Eagle Smokehouse consists mainly of BBQ, (obviously) but there is an option for people who don’t want BBQ. That option is The Power Greens Salad with chilled pulled chicken for $11.49. If you are a vegetarian, (like me) you can get the plant-based BBQ Jackfruit Burger for $12.99. I HIGHLY recommend it, even for people who like to eat meat. When I had the BBQ Jackfruit Burger I had just recently became a vegetarian, and I thought it tasted just like meat. My mom (who eats meat) had a few bites and said she thought it tasted good, also.

Plant-Based Burger from Regal Eagle Smokehouse at Epcot
The BBQ Jackfruit Burger
Photo Credit: Disney Parks Blog

However, if you are there for the meat, there are options on the menu like the BBQ Burger for $13.49, the Sliced Texas Beef Brisket Sandwich for $12,99, the South Carolina Smoked Sausage Sandwich for $11.49, and a couple others, too. Each of the entrees comes with a side, and the sides my family got were the Seasoned French Fries, the Garlic Toast, and the Macaroni and Cheese. All of the sides were absolutely delicious, but my personal favorite was the macaroni and cheese. There are two items on the Kids Disney Check Meal menu, the BBQ Chicken Leg for $7.99, and the Chicken Salad for $7.49, and on the normal kids menu you can get the BBQ Rib for $8.99, and the Cheeseburger for $7.79.


In the end, if you’re visiting EPCOT and you maybe don’t feel like trying some of the more adventurous food in the World Showcase, Regal Eagle Smokehouse is definitely the place for you. The food was incredible, the atmosphere was fun, and overall it was just a great place to eat. The only bad thing I have to mention in this review is that the place was extremely crowded, and we were VERY lucky to have found a place to sit and eat. However, that might just have been because Regal Eagle had only just opened when we ate there, but I have a feeling that the restaurant will continue to be crowded during lunch and dinner, when the parks open back up.

Anyways, thank you so much for reading my review of the Regal Eagle Smokehouse in EPCOT! I hope that when everything with coronavirus calms down, you will get a chance to eat at the Regal Eagle, and if you have, please leave a comment down below with your personal review! Have a magical day!

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