Every EPCOT Ride Ranked!

My family recently visited EPCOT in Disney World for a day, and I’ve just now realized that I’ve ridden every ride in EPCOT at least once! So, I decided to rank the nine rides at EPCOT from worst to best (in my opinion.)

9: Mission: SPACE

I went on this attraction for the first (and only) time a few years ago… and I hated it. Who knows, maybe I’m remembering it wrong, but I just remember being shaken around a lot while being trapped in this tiny space, staring at a screen. When I put it that way, it sounds like it’s some sort of torture device, but that might just be me. A lot of people LOVE this attraction, and it often has really long wait times, so if this sounds like something you’d want to do, I’d say you should get a FastPass+. Hopefully I’m not scaring you away from this ride from my description, because it might be something you’d really love! But it’s just not for me, so that is why it’s my least favorite ride in the park.

8: Journey Into Imagination With Figment

Photo Credit: WDW News Today

Yes, I’m aware that this list is probably very controversial so far, and placing Figment second to last might offend some people. But I don’t know, I just can’t get into it. I rode the ride for the first time a few months ago, and it was just… odd. I wanted to love it, since I knew so many other people had such fun memories with the attraction, but I really didn’t love it at all. Figment’s voice is a bit annoying, (in my opinion) and I didn’t enjoy the song that much. At the point where it blows a huge puff of air into your face, I wasn’t expecting it, so I slammed back on the seat, which wasn’t too pleasant. However, the part after that where the room transforms completely was really amazing, and I really did love that part. Was Journey Into Imagination With Figment horrible? No, not at all! Was it my favorite? No, not really.

7: The Seas With Nemo And Friends

While this EPCOT ride is not my favorite, it holds a special place in my heart because it was the first Disney World attraction my family ever rode. Riding The Seas With Nemo and Friends is a great way to escape the hot Florida weather and ride a very fun attraction at the same time. I don’t really have anything bad to say about this one, except that it is more geared towards little kids, and there are other rides I would rather go on. Though it is a very cute ride!

6: Gran Fiesta Tour Starring The Three Caballeros

Located in the Mexico Pavillion in The World Showcase is the “Donald Ride” as some people call it. Gran Fiesta Tour Starring The Three Caballeros is actually located inside of the pyramid you see inside the Mexico Pavillion. This attraction might not be a total thriller, (or a thriller at all) but it’s still a super cool ride that I recommend everybody rides at least once. Gran Fiesta Tour is based on the 1944 film The Three Caballeros. Even though I’ve never seen the movie, the ride is still enjoyable and fun. I have a lot of good memories from when I was really little and riding this attraction, so while this ride isn’t the best, I still do love it.

My Sister Macy In The Mexico Pavilion After A Ride On The Three Caballeros

5: Living With The Land

I don’t know exactly why, but I love Living With The Land! I can see how some people would find it boring, but I love seeing how Disney grows some of their own food right there in the park! Riding Living With The Land is a relaxing way to get away from some of the craziness that is EPCOT…besides the actual Land Pavillion. That place is pure madness. But, when you actually get on, you can just relax on a nice “boat ride.” For me, Living With The Land is a must-do in EPCOT.

4: Spaceship Earth

When I think EPCOT, I immediately think Spaceship Earth, and I think that’s why I was so excited to ride it for the first time a few months ago! My family didn’t really know what to expect, so we just got in line hoping for the best. Deep down I was expecting to be disappointed, but I actually ended up loving it! I think it told a great story, and anyways, I’m a sucker for opening day attractions. (EPCOT’s opening day that is.) I don’t know how this will work out considering COVID-19, but I know Spaceship Earth was supposed to begin a big refurbishment on May 26th of this year. So I’m glad I rode it in its current form!

3: Test Track

Photo Credit: Disney Tourist Blog

This is another attraction that has given me great memories. I love Test Track, and I have since I first rode it! The part where the car goes super fast ALWAYS takes my breath away, and in the best way possible. I also love designing the cars and seeing whose car wins. It’s a super immersive attraction, and I think that’s part of why I love it so much. The only bad thing I have to mention about Test Track is that the wait is always SUPER long, so getting a Fastpass+ is always a good idea.

2: Frozen Ever After

I’ll admit it, I’m not the biggest fan of the movie Frozen. Of course I like it, I just feel like it’s really overrated compared to movies like Tangled and Brave that I think are better, but not as popular. However, I LOVE the attraction Frozen Ever After in the Norway Pavillion, and I definitely understand why it’s so popular. The movements from the animatronics are so smooth, the queue is beautiful and immersive, and (hot take) I think it was a great replacement for Maelstrom. Even though the wait time for this ride is normally around 2 hours, I’d wait for it.

1: Soarin’

Photo Credit: Rolling With The Magic

Not only is Soarin’ Around The World my favorite ride in EPCOT, but it’s also one of my favorites in all of Disney World! This is the most immersive ride in all of Disney World because you really feel like you are flying around the world! My favorite scene is the Paris scene, but I also love the EPCOT scene at the end. And just recently when I rode it, I noticed that they are pumping scents into the ride! When you’re flying over the ocean, you really smell the ocean! And this might not impress others, but I LOVE the music in the queue, and in the ride. Soarin’ Around The World is a definite must-do in Disney!

In Conclusion

I think Soarin’ is 100% the best ride in EPCOT, but of course, they’re all great! (Except for maybe Mission Space.) I hope you enjoyed my ranking of all the rides in EPCOT, and in the comments down below, let me know your thoughts! Have a magical day!

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