Stormtroopers Are Encouraging Social Distancing In Disney Springs!

Disney never fails to make us smile during the hardest times!

The Disney Springs Entrance Sign
Photo Credit: John Raoux/Stutterstock

Disney World’s “shopping center” Disney Springs reopened to the public on May 20th, but with enforced social distancing rules. And while most guests are doing a pretty good job of following all of the new rules, it looks like Disney wanted to add a fun new way to encourage guests to keep their masks on and stay 6 feet away from other groups. What did they choose to do that? The answer: Stormtroopers!

Stormtroopers Looking Down At Guests In Disney Springs
Photo Credit: WDW News Today

Standing on top of some buildings in Disney Springs, are stormtroopers, like in the picture above. But like I said, they’re not just there to entertain the guests, but also the encourage them to follow the social distancing protocols that have been put into place. The stormtroopers joke around with each other, but also interact with the guests by telling them to “keep it moving” by staying 6 feet apart from each other. They also mention how the guests have face masks on like them, which is most likely Disney’s subtle way of reminding the guests to keep their masks on. Down below, you can see it all in a video from Blog Mickey.

Overall, I love the idea of characters interacting with guests in Disney Springs, since they can’t be seen anywhere else in Disney World right now. I love the little show that the stormtroopers put on, and I hope it continues! Anyways, stay safe and have a magical day!

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