Disneyland Reopening July 16th?

Around a month ago, Shanghai Disneyland reopened to the public. Then, just a couple days later, Disney Springs in Disney World started to slowly reopen. And now, we have news that Disney World’s parks are starting to reopen mid-July. So that leaves us with the question… when is Disneyland reopening?

The Fab Five In Front Of Sleeping Beauty’s Castle
Photo Credit: Starline Tours

Available Reservations

Just recently, Disneyland’s official website has been updated to say that reservations are available starting July 16th. Although, this does not really give us that much of an indication as to when the actual Disneyland reopening dates will be, because before the website said July 16th, it said July 1st. That means that it’s likely that the dates will be pushed back again.

Disneyland’s Sleeping Beauty Castle
Photo By: Rob  Sparacio

When Will Disneyland Likely Reopen?

At the moment, we can’t really know when Disneyland will actually reopen. The most realistic answer is that we’ll just have to wait to see how California’s reopening plans are going, and then we’ll see what Disney says. Anyways, stay tuned for more Disney reopening news and more, and stay safe and have a magical day!

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