Old Disney Lands-Mickey’s Toontown Fair In Magic Kingdom!

Before New Fantasyland opened up in Disney World back in 2012, there was Mickey’s Toontown Fair. While Mickey’s Toontown Fair may be going on eight years of being closed in Disney World, many of us will never forget it, even if we only got to see it once or twice. But even if we loved Mickey’s Toontown Fair, once in awhile the fact that it ever existed in Disney World slips our minds! So today, we are going to look back on one “old Disney” land. Mickey’s Toontown Fair!

The Entrance To Mickey’s Toontown Fair In The Magic Kingdom
Photo Credit: J. Jeff. Kober

Mickey’s Toontown Fair’s Opening

Mickey’s Toontown Fair opened up in Magic Kingdom on October 1st ,1996 to replace what had been Mickey’s Starland (And Mickey’s Toyland in late 1995). The Toontown story line was that it was a vacation home for the characters who lived in Anaheim’s Disneyland. Mickey’s Toontown Fair featured the country houses of both Mickey and Minnie that Disney World guests could visit, Donald’s Boat, Pixie Hollow, The Toontown Hall of Fame, and the old version of Goofy’s Barnstormer.

Inside of Minnie’s Country Home

Mickey’s Toontown Fair’s Closing

Over a decade ago in 2009, Disney announced the official closing plans for Mickey’s Toontown Fair, which mentioned being replaced by a Beauty and the Beast castle, a Little Mermaid ride, and even more expansions. Then in 2010, it was officially said that Mickey’s Toontown Fair would be closing in February 2011. Sure enough, on that exact date, Mickey’s Toontown Fair closed for good in Disney World. Over a year later on December 6th, New Fantasyland opened in place of Mickey’s Toontown Fair. And even though Mickey’s Toontown Fair in Magic Kingdom is gone, you can see a walk through tour from when it was still open down below.

Mickey’s Toontown In Disneyland

While Mickey’s Toontown Fair might be gone in Disney World, it’s still up and running (Well, it will be when the park reopens in July) in Disneyland. Mickey’s Toontown in Disneyland is pretty close to what Mickey’s Toontown Fair used to be, just with a few changes. Mickey’s Toontown in Disneyland Park is home to Minnie’s house, Donald’s boat, Goofy’s Playhouse, and Chip’ n Dale’s Treehouse. There are two attractions in Mickey’s Toontown, which are Chip n’ Dale’s Gadget Go Coaster, and Roger Rabbit’s Car Toon Spin. So even though Toontown is missing from Disney World, you can still get your Toontown fix in Disneyland. You can also find Toontown in Tokyo Disneyland.

Mickey’s Toontown In Disneyland Park
Photo Credit: Disney Parks Blog

In Conclusion

In the end, Toontown isn’t totally gone. We can still visit it in Disneyland and Tokyo Disneyland. But, we will still always miss getting to visit Mickey and Minnie in Mickey’s Toontown Fair back in Magic Kingdom.

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