DIY Disney Cupcakes!-Disney At Home

In this time of most Disney parks being closed at the moment, my family decided to find a way to incorporate Disney into our day. So, we actually had a Disney themed cupcake bake off, and we got some really cute (and delicious) cupcakes out of it. The cupcakes were really fun to decorate, and this is just a cool way to DIY Disney at home that you could do with your family!

Disney Princess Cupcakes

Six of us decorated Disney Princess themed cupcakes. We ended up with DIY cupcakes based on five different Disney Princess movies, including: The Little Mermaid, Pocahontas, Moana, Cinderella, and Beauty and The Beast. They turned out so cute!

The Cinderella Cupcakes I Made
The Pocahontas Themed Cupcakes My Dad Made
The Moana Cupcakes My Sister Morgan Made
My Other Sister Macy Made Beauty And The Beast (Or Belle) Cupcakes
The Little Mermaid Cupcakes My Mom Made
My Grandma Also Made A Cupcake Based Off The Little Mermaid Movie

Toy Story Cupcakes

To mix things up a little bit, my grandpa decorated cupcakes based off the Green Army Men in the movie Toy Story. They looked great in the end, and they also looked very tasty!

Green Army Men Cupcakes My Grandpa Made

Star Wars Themed Cupcakes

While we liked the look of all of our cupcakes, in the end we had to agree that the Star Wars cupcakes our aunt, uncle, and cousins made were the winner! Their cupcakes looked just like the characters they were going for!

The Star Wars Cupcakes Our Aunt, Uncle, And Cousins Made


In the end, even if we couldn’t all win, decorating DIY Disney themed cupcakes was a lot of fun! It’s a cool and different way to enter yourself if you’re still in quarantine, and I highly recommend having a Disney themed “bake off” with your family!

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