Hong Kong Disneyland Is Reopening This Week!

To follow the recent good news about Disneyland reopen, we have a reopening date for Hong Kong Disneyland! But it’s a lot sooner than you might think!

The Reopening Date

The Castle In Hong Kong Disneyland
Photo by Colin Galloway/REX/Shutterstock

Early this (Monday) morning, it was announced that Hong Kong Disneyland would be reopening on June 18th, which is just a short three days away. A few days ago, it was confirmed that Hong Kong Disneyland would be reopening soon, but the reopening date turned out to be a lot sooner than we thought it would be.

Safety Precations

Just like in all of the other Disney locations that are reopened or reopening, Hong Kong Disneyland will have extra safety precautions to keep all guests safe. Temperature checks will be required for all guests and cast members that are entering the Resort, and face masks will also be required. Social distancing will be put into place in ride vehicles, restaurants, queues, and more places. Additionally, all close up character interactions will be suspended.

Mickey Mouse In Hong Kong Disneyland
Photo Credit: TDR Explorer


All guests will have to have reservations to enter the theme park, and the reservations will have to be made beginning seven days before arrival. Magic Access members can reserve reservations starting today, June 15th, and all other guests can book reservations starting June 16th.


Overall, I’m very excited that Hong Kong Disneyland will be reopening shortly, after being closed down for so long. I hope everyone visiting stays safe, and stay tuned for more Disney information coming to A Dollop Of Disney.

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