Annual Passholders Previews In Disney World Have Began! Here’s What They’ve Got To See

On Thursday July 9th, Annual Passholders got previews of Disney World’s reopening! They’ve noticed a lot of changes in the reopened Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom, so here’s some things that are different!


The buses in Disney World have already been running for awhile, but once the parks reopen to the public on July 11th, a lot more transportation systems will be reopening! This includes the Monorails, Water Taxis, and Skyliner Gondolas. (However, Annual Passholders have not gotten to use the Skyliner, because it reopens on July 15th.) Of course, all of these will reopen with limited capacities, and enhanced safety measures so guests can stay clean ans socially distant while they ride. Although, as of right now, the EPCOT monorail system will not be reopening, and neither will the trams.

The Disney World Skyliners Heading To EPCOT
Photo Credit: Disney Tourist Blog


During the Annual Passholder previews that are going on, Annual Passholders have gotten to to something that we didn’t think we’d see too much of… characters! In fact, from what I’ve heard, it seems like there have been a lot of characters roaming around Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom lately!

Disney Princesses Social Distracting From Guests In Magic Kingdom
Photo Credit: Attractions Magazine

Characters have been seen parading around the Magic Kingdom in mini parades, and even on real live horses! Both Merida and Gaston have been interacting with guests from atop their horses as they ride around the Main Street USA area. Along with characters out and about outside, the Beast was seen in Be Our Guest Restaurant a few days ago! He couldn’t come in close contact with the guests, but he could interact with them from a distance!

The Beast In Be Our Guest Restaurant
Photo Credit: Disney Food Blog

Ride Queues

This is definitely one of the biggest changes in Disney World right now. In order to follow social distancing protocols, even getting on Disney attractions is different. While you are waiting in line to get on a ride, there will be social distancing markers on the ground keeping you away from the other groups. In addition to that, things like the Haunted Mansion stretching room where a large group of people get together will be suspended. This probably also means the queues for Rise of the Resistance and Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway will also change a bit. Interactive parts of queues like in Peter Pan’s Flight and Seven Dwarfs Mine Train will also be suspended. Virtual queues will also be used for some attractions, even though that can be a bit of a stress sometimes.

The Seven Dwarfs Mine Train Queue
Photo Credit: WDW News Today


Like everything else, even shopping in Disney World has to change. When you go to a store in one of the parks, there will most likely be a Plexiglas divider in between you and the cashier. Also, there is a limited number of guests allowed in a store at once, but of course the number varies depending on which store. And it should be noted that Splash Mountain merchandise has been FLYING off the shelves since the rides’ re-themeing was announced.


These are just a few of the changes that Disney World Annual Passholders have gotten to experience yesterday and today. As always, changes will continue to happen, especially when Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom reopen to the public tomorrow on July 11th. So, stay safe and stay tuned for more Disney news!

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