Disney News!-Hong Kong Disneyland Closing, and Hollywood Studios and EPCOT reopen!

Once again, there is a lot of news Disney community, as Hong Kong Disneyland will re-close today, and Hollywood Studios and EPCOT will reopen!

Hong Kong Disneyland Closing Again

After not even a month of being reopened, Hong Kong Disneyland is officially closing down for the second time this year, due to new coronavirus cases in China. It is a strange time for it to re-close, especially with Hollywood Studios and EPCOT in Disney World reopening, with Florida cases rising like crazy. At this time, there is no set date for when Hong Kong Disneyland will reopen. The reasoning behind the closing is definitely understandable, but it is definitely not the news us Disney fans want to hear.

Mickey and Minnie Mouse Parading In Hong Kong Disneyland
Photo Credit: Timeout.com

EPCOT and Hollywood Studios Reopen!

Just a couple days after Magic Kingdom and Animal Kingdom reopen, EPCOT and Hollywood Studios follow their footsteps and reopen to the public! The parks all have pretty much the same new social distancing rules, along with limited capacity, and new ways to interact with Disney characters. And in EPCOT, the International Food and Wine Festival has begun early, including some aspects of this years Flower and Garden Festival that got cut short.

My Sisters and I Behind Spaceship Earth In EPCOT


It’s very exciting to think that all four Disney World Parks have reopened now, although it is very sad that Hong Kong Disneyland is re-closing. I wish the best for everyone visiting the parks, and stay tuned for more Disney news on A Dollop Of Disney!

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