A Reopened Disney Springs: What’s It Like?

A week ago, my family visited Disney Springs after a trip to Topolino’s Terrace, for the first time since it closed. We weren’t sure if a reopened Disney Springs would still feel as magical since we had to wear our masks and social distance. And let me just say… it was definitely different.

The Disney Magic

Cast Members Selling Balloons In Disney Springs

Even though Disney Springs is not a Disney Park, I could still always feel the Disney magic radiating throughout the shopping center. And one thing a lot of people worried about with Disney World reopening with social distancing protocols, is that it would ruin the Disney magic. But I think, the magic is still there in the reopened Disney Springs. But I think, that even with the masks, hand sanitizer stations everywhere you look, and guests staying 6 feet apart, you can still feel the Disney magic.

Social Distancing Protocols

When Disney Springs first reopened back in May, Disney had to add new social distancing rules to keep the guests safe. These new rules include putting social distancing markers on the ground to keep parties 6 feet away from each other, adding hand sanitizer stations all over Disney Springs, and making all guests an Cast Members wear a mask at all times, unless they’re eating, and even more rules. Personally, I felt like there were a good amount of hand sanitizer stations, and that it seemed like all guests were following the masks rule. But honestly, I felt like most guests weren’t really staying 6 feet apart from each other. I know it’s a hard thing for Disney to control entirely, but that’s just something to keep in mind if you’re visiting Disney Springs.

A Hand Sanitizer Station In World Of Disney

Shopping In A Reopened Disney Springs

Guests Shopping In World Of Disney In Disney Springs

We didn’t buy anything while we were visiting Disney Springs, although we did go into a few stores to look around, and to escape the heat. For the most part, I felt pretty safe looking around the stores in Disney Springs. After all, everyone had a mask on! But in World Of Disney, I was a little bit concerned. Even though the store is so big, some parts were really crowded, and people were not 6 feet apart from each other at times. That happens mostly in the sections where the really popular merchandise is, and near the checkout areas. But in not as popular stores like Disney’s Days Of Christmas, it felt a lot safer to me, and like people were spread out a lot more, despite it being a much smaller store.

Eating In The Current Disney Springs

A lot of people were confused when the new rules that you had to wear a mask at all times came out. What were you supposed to do while eating? Well, there is an exception for when you’re eating. You can take your mask off when you’re sitting down at a table eating, or even walking around Disney Springs having a snack. Personally, I think this seems very confusing, because guests could easily lie that they’re masks are off because they’re eating, when they really just don’t want to wear it. So when we were eating at Disney Springs, we found a nice place to sit so we wouldn’t worry anyone by taking off our masks.

My Sister Morgan Eating A Dole Whip In The Marketplace Center

When you’re eating inside a restaurant in Disney Springs, each group will be seated a few tables apart so no guests are too close to each other. You do have to keep your mask on while you are ordering your food, but when you sit down you can relax and take it off.


For the most part, I do think Disney Springs is a relatively safe place to visit during this pandemic. Although, make you keep your mask on when you need to, and follow all of the other safety rules. But for now, stay safe and stay tuned for more Disney content coming to A Dollop Of Disney!

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