Earl Of Sandwich In Disney Springs Review!

Ever since my family’s first Disney World trip, the Earl of Sandwich in Disney Springs has been one of our favorite places to eat at. If you hadn’t been there before, you might think that’s ridiculous, because after all it’s just a sandwich shop! But let me tell you… it’s delicious!

The Entrance To Earl Of Sandwich In Disney Springs
Photo Credit: Earl Of Sandwich

The Food

Disney Springs is known mostly known by people for it’s tasty food choices. And while the place we’re talking about today is a sandwich place, it definitely still falls under that category. We’ve been having meals here since 2010, so we have a good feel of how the food consistency is. And in my opinion, everything I’ve had here has been delicious! From the PB&J’s they used to have when I was younger, to the Cheese Pizza Bread I had there just a few months ago, it has all been great! However, since I am a vegetarian, there aren’t that many options that suit my eating choices. The meat-free choices on the menu are Tomato Soup, Broccoli and Cheddar Soup, the House Salad, the Veggie Sandwich, the Egg and Cheddar Breakfast Sandwich, and the Cheese Pizza Bread.

The Cheese Pizza Bread
Photo Credit: Earl Of Sandwich

Another item on the menu I highly recommend are the Potato Chips. That might seem dumb because they’re just chips, but I promise they taste great!

The Delicious Potato Chips
Photo Credit: Earl Of Sandwich

The Atmosphere

Earl of Sandwich was inspired by John Montagu, who invented the sandwich way back in 1762. In my opinion, the theming comes across well, and it’s easy to tell that the time period is set in the late 18th century. The inside of the building feels very cozy, although it is pretty small, and a lot of people want to eat there. And even though there are tables outside too, most of the time most of the seating is taken, which is one con about eating there. Although if you can get a table inside I would recommend it, as it’s a great way to escape the Florida heat.

Ordering Food At Earl Of Sandwich
Photo Credit: WDW Vacation Tips

The Prices

If you’re looking for a really cheap place to eat at in Walt Disney World, you’re probably out of luck. Unfortunately, eating at Disney is a very pricey thing these days. But for a restaurant on Disney property as good as Earl Of sandwich, the prices really aren’t that bad! Most of the Hot Sandwiches on the menu are priced at about $8.99 each. The sides range from around $3.99 to $9.99, and the three meals on the kids menu are each priced at $4.29. So overall, the prices are pretty low for a meal in Disney World!

The Italian Hot Sandwich
Photo Credit: Earl Of Sandwich

Overall Review

In the end, Earl of Sandwich is a great place to eat at in Disney Springs, and I ten out of ten recommend it! The prices aren’t that bad, and the atmosphere is cozy and nice! I hope we can return to Earl Of Sandwich soon, but until then, stay safe, and stay tuned for more Disney content coming to A Dollop Of Disney!

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