Can You Bring Your Dog To Disney World?

Anyone who has gone on vacation and has a dog knows the pain of having to leave your furry friend with a pet sitter. It’s so hard to leave them behind! So when you’re planning a Disney trip, you might have the question… can I bring my dog to Disney World?

Pluto In Front Of Spaceship Earth In EPCOT
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Service Dogs

According to official Disney policy, all true service animals are permitted into the parks. However, only working service dogs are allowed to roam the Disney parks with their owners. This does not include therapy or support companions. Of course, if you have a service animal that is not a dog, that animal is also allowed in the parks.

Fabulously Dressed Service Dogs On Main Street USA
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Your service dog is allowed in all Disney World restaurants, shops, and hotels. However, there are a few rides that your fluffy friend will not be allowed on, for safety reasons. Obviously, your service dog will not be able to ride any roller coasters, or attractions that leave the ground, such as Peter Pan’s Flight or Soarin’. Your service animal will also be restricted from areas where other live animals are involved-such as Kilimanjaro Safari in Animal Kingdom. However, there will be service animal relief areas throughout all of the parks and resorts. To find them, take a look at the park of hotel map.

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Companion Dogs

Fortunately, even if your dog is not a service animal, you can still bring them to Disney World! You have to options you can choose from on where your dog can stay overnight. Those two options are either boarding your dog overnight at the Best Friends Pet Care on Disney World property, or letting them stay with you and your family at one of Disney’s pet friendly resort hotels. (With extra fees per night.) Those resorts are:

  • Disney’s Art Of Animation Resort With A $50 Fee Per Night
  • Cabins at Disney’s Ft. Wilderness Resort With A $50 Fee Per Night
  • Disney’s Yacht Club Resort With A $75 Fee Per Night
  • Disney’s Port Orleans Riverside Resort With A $50 Fee Per Night

Keep in mind that these rules only apply for dogs at the moment. Cats, and other pets will have to stay at Best Friends Pet Care.

Pluto And Another Furry Friend At A Disney World Resort
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There are rules you and your dog will have to follow while staying at one of the pet friendly resorts. Your dog will have to remain on a leash at all times, and will never be allowed to roam the resort freely. You also should bring your own food and treats for your companion, but you will receive the free Pluto’s Welcome Kit when you check into the resort. Lastly, your dog will not be permitted in any of the pools, or bodies of water around the resorts.

If you would like, your dog can play at Best Friends Pet Care during the daytime for around $27, even if he stays at the resort with you when nighttime comes around.

A Lady And Her Dog In Front Of The Yacht Club Resort
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If you aren’t choosing for your dog to stay at a resort with you, then you can board them overnight at Best Friends Pet Care. Best Friends Pet Care is a totally pawsome (sorry) place for your pet to stay while you are in Walt Disney World! From a huge dog park to air conditioned places for your dog to play, Best Friends Pet Care is the perfect place to board your furry friend! Rates range from $41 to $97 per night, depending on what you want for your pet. The deluxe doggy villas are $97 per night, and they even come with a flat screen television for your dog.

Some Adorable Pups At Best Friends Pet Care
Photo Credit: Best Friends Pet Care

Should You Bring Your Dog To Disney World?

I guess in the end it all comes down to what you think is best. Is your pet healthy? Do you have the time on your trip? Do you have the money to bring them onto Disney property? If you answered yes to all of those questions and you want to bring your dog to Disney, go for it! Just stay safe and keep your pet in mind while making these decisions! Anyways, stay safe and stay tuned for more Disney content coming to A Dollop Of Disney!

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