Wait…. There’s Fast Food In Disney World?

Even though you’re probably expecting to eat at somewhere like Chef Mickey’s or Be Our Guest Restaurant when you visit Walt Disney World, it still is nice to have options that make you feel like you’re right at home. Even if those options are McDonald’s and Starbucks. Did you know that there are fast food restaurants on Disney World property?


When you picture Disney food, McDonald’s is probably not what you think. But it’s still nice to have one on property for anyone who wants a break from the Disney park food and atrocious prices!

The Solar Powered McDonald’s On Disney Property
Photo Credit: Business Insider

A few months ago, the McDonald’s on Disney World property reopened after getting a major renovation. The address was and still is 1596 W Buena Vista Dr, Kissimmee, FL 34747. (Just in case you’re looking for some McNuggets on the way to Magic Kingdom.) However, now it’s oddly environmentally friendly and runs entirely on Florida’s sun! Not only is the new renovated fast food place solar powered and surrounded by plants, but there are even stationary bikes outside!

Stationery Bikes Outside Of McDonald’s
Photo Credit: Disney Food Blog

But of course, even though the restaurant is now entirely green, you can still get the McDonald’s meals you know and (maybe) love. And even though we are experiencing a lot of changes at the moment due to physical distancing, you can still choose if you’d like to go through the drive thru to buy your Big Mac, or go inside the restaurant.

The Drive Thru For The McDonald’s In Disney World
Photo Credit: Disney Food Blog


Starbucks first came to Disney World back in 2012, bringing some controversy along with it. After all, Starbucks doesn’t really feel like Disney! But after awhile, Disney fans got used to the new introduction, and more locations began to be added.

Starbucks Coffee In Front Of Cinderella Castle
Photo Credit: Mickey Blog

Now, there are a total of six Starbucks locations around Walt Disney World. However, you might not know it when you’re there, because the locations in the parks aren’t called Starbucks. But in these locations, you can still get all of the coffee and treats to fill your needs! Here is where you can find each location:

  • Magic Kingdom- Main Street Bakery On Main Street USA
  • Animal Kingdom- Creature Comforts In Discovery Island
  • EPCOT- Fountain View Located Right Beside Club Cool
  • Hollywood Studios- Trolley Car Cafe On Hollywood Boulevard
  • Disney Springs West Side- Next To Characters In Flight
  • Disney Springs Marketplace-Next To World Of Disney
Another Starbucks Drink In Front Of The Castle
Photo Credit: Mama Cheaps


In the end, even though you’re most likely not thinking of McDonald’s when you think of eating at Disney World, it’s still nice to have a fast food option that reminds you of home be available. Anyways, stay safe and stay tuned for more Disney content coming to A Dollop Of Disney!

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