Is Space 220 Ever Coming To EPCOT? Were these Disney restaurants canceled?

Back in January, I wrote an article about all of the fun new things coming to Disney World in 2020! Two of those things were new Disney restaurants, Space 220 coming to EPCOT, and Roundup Rodeo BBQ coming to Toy Story Land in Hollywood studios. Unfortunately, because of coronavirus, there hasn’t been much known process on these eateries. And the big question is… are they still coming to Disney World?

The Monorail In Front Of Spaceship Earth
Photo Credit: CNN Travel

Space 220

Space 220 is a space themed restaurant that was expected to come to Future Word in EPCOT back in February. Unfortunately, plans changed, and that did not happen. And now, what was heavily anticipated has almost been forgotten. Fortunately, between the two restaurants we’re going to talk about today, I think Space 220 will definitely be opening first, because a week ago, we saw some process!

The Covered Sign For Space 220
Photo Credit: WDW News Today

Not too long ago, the Space 220 sign was spotted! This is incredible news, because it means everyday we are getting closer to the opening of this new restaurant. Although the sign is covered with a white tarp, this is still a big deal for us Disney fans. There hasn’t been any new information about an updated expected opening date, but hopefully that time will come soon! I, personally, cannot wait for Space 220 to join the list of EPCOT restaurants!

Roundup Rodeo BBQ

Just like Space 220, Roundup Rodeo BBQ was supposed to enter Disney World in 2020. Roundup Rode BBQ is going to become the first and only sit down restaurant in Toy Story Land in Hollywood Studios. While Roundup Rodeo BBQ didn’t have an opening date like Space 220 did, it was still supposed to open up this year.

Roundup Rodeo BBQ Concept Art By Disney
Photo Credit: Disney Parks

Just by looking at the concept art, I can tell it’s going to be such a fun place to dine at! And even if it was a few months ago, some progress on the restaurant has been made! Back in July, a permit was filed, giving Disney the ability to continue on the construction! This is great news to hear, because it means construction is probably happening on the restaurant right now!

How Toy Story Land Will Look After Roundup Rodeo BBQ Is Open
Photo Credit: Disney


While there is still time for both of these restaurants to open in 2020, it’s a bit unlikely. But that doesn’t mean we should give up hope! As long as Walt Disney World is open and operating, progress should be made on both of these eateries. But until then, stay safe. and stay tuned for more Disney content coming to A Dollop Of Disney!

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